The Urban Rambler (AKA Nick Collinson)

Hi I’m Nick, AKA The Urban Rambler. I moved to London in 2010 to work in the pharmaceutical recruitment industry. The job didn't fulfil my innate curiosity for my surroundings; the history, geography, art, culture - basically all the things I loved - so in my spare time I took to exploring my new city on foot. In 2013 I jacked the job in and began to volunteer at a historic house. My friends and family thought that I had lost my mind. I won’t deny it - I questioned my sanity too, but I fell in love with the Georgian villa, its former illustrious inhabitants and its collection of awe-inspiring art. It was here that I learnt the basics of guiding, and realised that I may have (finally) found the path to that elusive equilibrium between working and having fun - that 'dream job'. A short time later I gained employment with English Heritage, where I interpret the history all around us and I can safely say I flipping love it. The gamble definitely paid off! But I wasn't finished there...

Going Pro

When I learnt of a course that didn’t cost the earth, and may help me in achieving my dreams, I went for it. In summer 2016, after a year of long lectures, all weather-walks, and excruciating exams, I qualified as a City of London guide. From wanton weekend wandering, to being accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, I am now perfectly placed to take you to London's quirky corners and introduce you to its improbable inhabitants. I'll take you on an urban adventure that you won’t forget in a hurry!

People and Place

My tours focus on people. I don’t just talk about ‘King so-and-so the third’ or ‘Lady such-and-such of nowhere’. I talk about real people. The ones who made this city what it is today. People like you and I. Hear their stories where these people actually lived and died. Believe me there are some fascinating stories to be told!

So whether you want to join a regular walk, you'd like a tailor-made private tour for you and your group, or you are visiting London on a city break and want some bespoke, personalised advice, then get in touch. I’ll pull out all the stops to give you an experience that is engaging, memorable, and, most of all, fun!

Nick Collinson